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Earn and Spend Points – Unlock Rewards and Recognition!

At Stemta.com, we value your engagement and expertise in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) community. That’s why we’ve created a rewarding system that allows you to earn points for STEM Job Posts and reap the benefits of your active participation. Here’s how you can accumulate points on Stemta.com:

  1. Publish a STEM-Related Post or Web Link (50 points, up to 3 times per week): Share your knowledge and passion by publishing insightful STEM-related posts or sharing valuable web links. For each post or link, you’ll earn 50 points, and you can do this up to three times per week. Inspire and inform others while boosting your point balance! Yes you can include links to external STEM Job Posts from other websites. Need a Guide to STEM Related Organizations and STEM News Websites? Click Here.
  2. Register to Stemta.com (100 points): Join our vibrant STEM community by registering on Stemta.com. As a welcome gift, you’ll receive an instant boost of 100 points. Start your journey on a high note and dive into the world of STEM with us.
  3. Respond to Another User’s Activity Post (10 points, up to 3 times per day): Engage in meaningful discussions and build connections by responding to other users’ activity posts. Each response earns you 10 points, and you can do this up to three times per day. Share your insights, learn from others, and increase your points along the way.
  4. Like Another User’s Activity Post (5 points, up to 5 times per day): Show appreciation for fellow community members by liking their activity posts. Each like grants you 5 points, and you can do this up to five times per day. Spread positivity and earn points with just a simple click.
  5. Receive a Like (5 points, up to 5 times per day): Every time another user likes your activity post, you’ll earn 5 points. Share compelling content and engage with the community to receive likes and boost your points. Your contributions are recognized and rewarded!
  6. Visit Stemta.com (5 points, up to 1 time per day): Simply visiting Stemta.com keeps you connected to the community and earns you 5 points. Stay informed about the latest developments, explore new discussions, and add to your STEM Job Posts points effortlessly.
  7. Send an Email Invitation to Join Stemta.com (5 points, up to 25 times per week): Spread the word about Stemta’.com’s STEM Job Posts by sending email invitations to your friends and colleagues. For each invitation sent, you’ll earn 5 points. Help us grow our community while gaining points for your efforts.
  8. Update Your Profile (25 points, up to once per month): Keep your profile fresh and up to date by making regular updates. Each profile update rewards you with 25 points, and you can do this once per month. Showcase your achievements, skills, and interests while boosting your point balance.

As you accumulate more points, you’ll unlock exciting rewards including STEM Job Posts, rise through the ranks, and gain recognition for your contributions to the Stemta community. Join us today, start earning points, and be part of a vibrant community that celebrates your passion for STEM!

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Spend Your Points on Stemta.com – Unlock Exciting Benefits!

On Stemta.com, your hard-earned points hold immense value, and we provide a range of valuable benefits that you can redeem using your accumulated points. Whether you’re an employer seeking top talent or a job seeker looking for new opportunities, we have rewards tailored to your needs. Here’s how you can use your points on Stemta.com:

For Employers:

  1. 300 Points: Free 60-Day Job Posting – With just 300 points, you can receive a complimentary 60-day job posting on Stemta.com and our extensive STEM job posts network. Promote your STEM-related job openings to a targeted audience of professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Please note that the free job posting is exclusively for STEM-related positions, including STEM Sales jobs. STEM Job posts on Stemta.com will also appear on leading Websites, including IndeedGlassdoorLinkedInGoogle for JobsSimplyHiredSnagajob, and many STEM Organizations and Associations
  2. 500 Points: 30-Day Access to the Stemta.com Resume Database – Get access to our comprehensive resume database for 30 days by redeeming 500 points. Explore a wealth of talent, find candidates with specialized skills, and streamline your recruitment process with ease.

For Job Seekers:

  1. 300 Points: Featured Resume Listing – Stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility to employers by featuring your resume listing on Stemta.com. With 300 points, you can elevate your profile and enhance your chances of attracting the attention of hiring managers in the STEM field.
  2. 500 Points: Resume Review by Experienced STEM Recruiter – Receive valuable feedback and guidance on your resume from an experienced STEM recruiter. By redeeming 500 points, you can take advantage of expert insights to optimize your resume and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

These are just a few of the ways you can utilize your points on Stemta.com. We are continuously expanding our rewards and benefits to ensure that your engagement and expertise in the STEM community are acknowledged and rewarded.

Join Stemta.com Today, earn STEM Job posts through your active participation, and unlock exciting opportunities that will propel your career or enhance your recruitment efforts. We are committed to supporting your journey in the world of STEM Careers!

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