Moving into Data Science career?

A Data Science Career is a highly sought-after field that requires a specific skill set. However, due to the relatively new nature of the industry, there are not many people who meet the qualifications required for a job in Data Science, especially those from non-Computer Science backgrounds. This article provides guidance for individuals who want to transition into Data Science from various backgrounds.

Data Science career
Data Science career

The article is divided into three stages, with each stage addressing a different group of people

  • For someone who has never touched any subject closely related to Data Science in college.
  • For someone from a non-CS background but with a couple of relevant subjects relating to Data Science & who wants to be a Data Scientist why not?

For someone who has been working in an industry for a long time but now wants to switch to the fascinating and daunting world of Data Science.

Data Science career

Let’s get right into it.

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