The Limitations of ChatGPT: Bard to the Rescue!

May 12, 2023. Stemta Corporation

Limitations of ChatGPT.

Introducing Bard, Google’s formidable free alternative that has just surpassed ChatGPT in several key areas. Let’s explore the remarkable capabilities of Bard that ChatGPT currently lacks:

  1. Real-time Internet Access:

While ChatGPT is yet to provide internet access to the majority of its users, Bard comes with the advantage of real-time internet access, and it doesn’t cost a penny. With Bard, you can effortlessly inquire about the latest stock prices, upcoming trends, current events, and much more.

  1. Web Page Summarization:

Thanks to its internet access, Bard has the ability to summarize web pages. By simply sharing a link in the chat box and requesting a summary, Bard can condense articles, research papers, or official documents. Furthermore, you can also engage Bard in discussions related to the content of the linked article, page, or document.

  1. Image Input Capability:

With limitations of ChatGPT solely accepts text as input, Bard goes beyond and allows users to input images. This exciting feature empowers you to prompt Bard with images and inquire about various aspects such as the location where the image was taken or request an explanation of the image’s content. Additionally, Bard can generate captions suitable for social media platforms, enhancing your image-sharing experiences. Google has announced that this feature will be available in the coming weeks.

  1. Code Explanation:

With Bard’s access to the internet, it becomes a valuable tool for code-related inquiries. You can easily share a GitHub link with Bard and ask it to explain the functionality and purpose of the code.

  1. Enhanced Exporting Capabilities:

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard provides seamless integration with Gmail and Google Docs. You can conveniently export the generated text directly into these platforms. Additionally, Google promises that Bard’s exporting capabilities will extend to other applications in the near future.

Bard outshines ChatGPT in various areas, making it a compelling choice for users seeking real-time internet access, web page summarization, image input, code explanation, and enhanced exporting options. With Google’s ongoing development and improvement efforts, Bard continues to evolve, solidifying its position as a noteworthy competitor in the field of AI language models.

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