Career Evaluation Guide

         Career Evaluation:

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Our clients require this information when we present them with a resumePlease take the necessary time to note specific detailed information so it will enhance the opportunity for an interview invitation. Make note of any quantitative (volume, recoveries, sales increases) information to indicate the bottom line impact you bring to this role and organization.                                                                

Ideal Role(s)/Title(s) you are in search of:

Additional Contact information:

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What is it about this opportunity that prompts you to pursue it?

Why do you think you would be good for this job?

What industries have you worked in?

What are the main reasons for the past 3 job changes within your career?

How many people do you currently supervise? And what are their functions?

What is the most significant accomplishment in your career that you are most proud of?

What Accounting/Finance systems do you have experience with? Which modules?

Which companies did you utilize these systems and what did you use them for?


What are the functions that you’ve utilized Excel for, please be detailed:

maintaining existing spreadsheets:

creating spreadsheets:

linking spreadsheets:

pivot tables:

v look ups:



How would you describe your work style?

What atmosphere do you thrive in (fast, systematic, chaotic, organized, laid-back etc)?

How many minutes are you willing to commute to work? Or How far north, south, east and west are you willing to commute? Are you open to Downtown Chicago


            Currently or Most Recent                                 Now Requiring

Base Salary:                                                                 Base Salary:

Bonus potential for this year:                                          Bonus potential for the new year:

Bonus earned last year:                                                

401k:                                                                            401k:

Profit Sharing:                                                               Profit Sharing:

Tuition Reimbursement:                                                 Tuition Reimbursement:

Current Vacation Time:                                                  Vacation Requirements:

Are you interested in:

Temporary/Consulting Engagements:                         Yes      No                     

What is your Hourly Pay Requirement:

Temporary to Hire Opportunities:                                   Yes     No



Please be prepared to discuss these topics during your Stemta Recruiting Consultation