Secret Job Interview Tricks Used to Test You

Job Interview Tricks

September 13, 2023 Stemta Corporation

Secret Job Interview Tricks Used to Test You

Job interviews are like theatrical performances, with candidates and interviewers playing their respective roles. While the questions may seem straightforward, interviewers often employ subtle job interview tricks to assess a candidate’s suitability for the role beyond what appears on paper. Here are some of the invisible job interview tricks employers use to test you:

The Cup of Coffee Test

Picture this: you’re sitting across from the interviewer, discussing your qualifications when suddenly, they offer you a cup of coffee. Seems harmless, right? However, this seemingly simple act can be a test of your character. Are you polite? Do you accept gracefully, or do you decline? Do you ask for a specific style or creamer? Do you clean up after yourself? It’s an assessment of your manners and how you handle unexpected situations.

The Waiting Game

Patience is a virtue, and interviewers know it, and Guns & Roses wrote a song about it. Sometimes, the boss deliberately keeps you waiting before the interview begins. These job interview tricks are a test of your punctuality, but more importantly, it gauges your reaction to unexpected delays. Do you get frustrated, agitated, act entitled, or remain composed and use the time wisely to further research the employer and role?

The Chaos Creator

Imagine you’re answering a question with utmost focus when the interviewer suddenly starts making noise or creating chaos in the room. This disruption is designed to test your ability to stay focused under pressure. David Bowie wrote a song about this. Can you maintain your composure and continue answering calmly, or do you get flustered?

The Strange Request

In some interviews, you might be faced with bizarre requests like standing on the desk or rolling on the floor. These unconventional tasks are meant to assess your adaptability and willingness to step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. Interviewers want to see if you can handle unexpected challenges with grace and a sense of humor, especially for client facing roles.

The Weird Behavior

Interviewers might also throw you off by behaving strangely, like speaking in an exaggerated accent or making unusual facial expressions. These job interview tricks aims to evaluate your ability to adapt to unpredictable situations and work with diverse personalities.

The Team Introduction

Meeting the whole team can be an eye-opening experience during an interview. It’s not just about assessing your technical skills but also your personality. Can you make friends quickly? Are you sociable and approachable? Employers value candidates who can integrate well into the existing team, as well as proving the team an opportunity to share their opinion.

The Clumsy Boss

As you discuss your qualifications, the boss “accidentally” drops something off their desk onto the floor. This is a subtle test of your helpfulness and empathy. Do you offer assistance, showing that you’re a team player who cares about others, or do you ignore the situation?

The Unexpected Joke

Using humor or sharing a light-hearted moment to see if you can engage in friendly conversation and ease tension. This could be a test of how easily offended you may be, or to see if you can provide a quick and witty response. especially for customer facing roles.

The Honesty Evaluation

The Hypothetical Scenario: Presenting a hypothetical situation and gauging your honesty by asking how you would handle it. Billy Joel wrote song about this. Behavioral Questions: Asking for specific examples from your past experiences to evaluate the consistency and truthfulness of your responses.

A Story of Job Interview Tricks

Let’s delve into a story that encapsulates some of these invisible job interview tricks:

John, a software developer, had a job interview with a prestigious tech company. As he discussed his coding expertise with the interviewer, the chaos creator tactic was employed. Loud construction noises suddenly erupted outside the window. John, maintaining his composure, politely asked if they could continue in a quieter room. Impressed by his ability to adapt, the interviewer smiled.

Later, during a team introduction, John engaged with the team members, showing his friendly and sociable side. He even shared a light-hearted joke that eased the tension in the room. The boss, satisfied with John’s interpersonal skills, decided to drop a pen on the floor. Without hesitation, John picked it up, displaying his helpfulness and teamwork.

Invisible job interview tricks are like hidden obstacles on a challenging course. They test your character, adaptability, and reactions under pressure. By being aware of these tactics, candidates like John can navigate the interview maze successfully, showcasing not only their qualifications but also their exceptional qualities as individuals. So, the next time you’re in an interview, remember that the stage might be set for more than what meets the eye.

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